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What to expect...

This wellness Wednesday we want to give you a preview of the exciting things OMPT plans to share with you over the summer months. We also want to get your feedback about items you would be interested in learning more about or specific areas you'd like us to focus on to help you prepare for your activities! You can fill out this one question survey to give us your ideas!


We are so very grateful to work with amazing clients like you! It is often said that when you choose a job you love, you don't work a day in your life. That sums up how we feel here at OMPT. We are thrilled to continue to build our community and we value the role you play in making that happen. Whether you are a current, past, or potential client, we are committed to making sure that we reach you and support you in your daily lives. That is why we write this newsletter each week, why we share content with you on social media, why we offer workshops, and why we provide all of our services in the clinic. It is ALL about YOU! Nothing makes us happier than playing a role in helping you to live your best life.

If we are reaching you with this newsletter we are happy you have already subscribed! But, are you aware of all of the other nuggets you can gather throughout the week from OMPT? Here is a rundown of what to expect when following us on Instagram:

MOBILITY MONDAY: each Monday we plan to share a mobility drill that anybody can benefit from and can easily do from the comfort of their own home (check out this example of Mobility Monday)

WEDNESDAY WORKOUT OF THE WEEK (WOW): each Wednesday we plan to share a workout that includes warm-up exercises, a targeted workout of the week, and cool-down exercises to help you get started or add to your current program (see new section below and check out our IG page for the video)

TRAINING TIP THURSDAY: each Thursday we plan to share a training tip that will help you to make modifications and/or progressions with targeted strength training and other drills (take a look at this example of Training Tip Thursday)

FUN FRIDAY: each Friday we plan to share something fun or uplifting to prepare you for the weekend ahead or to help you get to know us even better (click here for an example of a Fun Friday post) We also hope to provide you with content specifically tailored to the many activities we all enjoy. So stay tuned over the summer for some mobility drills and strength exercises specific to golf, pickleball, kayaking, SUP, and much more!

While we always appreciate referrals, one of our main goals is to provide education on various wellness topics, offer ideas on how to improve mobility and strength, and to share relevant opportunities available to you. So, we ask you to please share this newsletter and our Instagram page with anybody you feel may benefit from following us (they can subscribe here). Whether these people are near or far, we would love to contribute to the health of those you care about most! And, if you do happen to know somebody who is looking for a physical therapist or someone who could benefit from our services, we would be ever so appreciative if you referred them to us.

And, as a reminder, while we do offer traditional PT services, we also love to work with our clients on personalized strength training and/or individualized mobility programs! So, feel free to browse our website, call us, or send an email for more information. And, if you don’t need our services at the present time, we love having you as a part of our community and we hope you stay connected with us!

Follow us on Instagram and check out our stories for opportunities to give us your feedback on topics you’d like us to focus on in future newsletters and Instagram content.



Head to our Instagram page to view the workout in action and learn more!



Looking for adventure and community?

Check out these trusted resources and friends!

Check out what Bend Endurance Academy has to offer for kids!

From the BEA website:

"Join BEA and our coaches for three days of outdoor climbing fun! In our outdoor camps, participants will spend time bouldering, top roping, and learning what it takes to utilize the climbing skills attained indoors, and apply them outdoors."

And, the adults do not have to miss out on the fun! Contact for more information about custom plans ranging from four to twelve weeks long.


We know you have hopes and dreams and we'd love to provide you with education or in-clinic services to help you get there. Do you have an idea for something we should focus on? Is there a particular sport or activity that we can highlight to help you prepare for these endeavors? If so, please click here to give us your ideas!

Reach out today to learn how we can support you! Be well,

Nicole and the OMPT team

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