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Girl Hiking in Mountains

For those looking to take the path less traveled: 

We help active folks in Bend get out of pain and back to their next adventure. 


Physical Therapy, Strength Training  &
 Wellness in Bend, OR

Outside Movement is a physical therapy practice that offers one-on-one, full-hour treatment sessions with a Doctor of Physical Therapy. We work with people of all ages and athletic abilities. Whether you're chasing KOMs/QOMs at Phil's or chasing your toddler around the house, we're here to help you meet your goals.

What our clients say:

I came to Nicole when I had a lot of shoulder pain and movement problems. She is a great physical therapist and was able to improve my range of motion and get rid of my shoulder pain. She is so fun to work with I would look forward to it every week. I recommend her to everyone I know who needs PT. It also helps that her dog Goose is the goodest of all the boys!

- Kyla A.

I’ve been to plenty of PTs so I can say with certainty that Nicole rivals the best. She helped me recover from not one but two broken necks. After years of chronic pain from these injuries Nicole helped me in clinic and with exercises to get me back in action. I’m now back to skiing, running, climbing, and all my other favorite activities - and am even stronger than before. Also did I mention she’s super down to earth and easy to talk to. All in all she’s an awesome PT and I’d highly recommend.

- Darragh S.

Ready to get started?

We are ready to hear from you!

Step 2: 

Schedule your initial evaluation. 

Step 2: 

Schedule your initial evaluation. 

Step 2: 

Schedule your initial evaluation. 

Step 2: 

Schedule your initial evaluation. 

Step 1: 

Book a call with our team to see how we can best help you

Step 2: 

Schedule your initial evaluation with a Doctor of Physical Therapy


Step 3:

Begin your customized plan to regain control of your active life

COVID-19 Response

OMPT is committed to the health of our clients and our community at large. We stay current with and follow all of Oregon’s rules and regulations regarding safe care during COVID-19. 


OMPT is proud to offer Telehealth visits for clients who wish to meet virtually or are not located in Bend (be it for an individual appointment or ongoing service).

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