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Remote Coaching

Are you looking for more guidance on what to do at the gym? Looking to get started on a strength training program and need help figuring out where to start? Have you never lifted weights before and want help figuring out what is best for your body and goals? 

Remote Programming: Dr. Nicole wants to help empower you to become the strongest and fittest version of yourself, prevent future injury, develop resilience to live, and feel your best. 


Get access to a Doctor of Physical therapy in your back pocket —a custom-tailored program based on your unique needs and goals.


What does the program include?

  • ​Zoom initial evaluation to asses your starting point, physical needs, equipment list, and establish goals

  • 4-weeks of programming per month written for your specific needs/goals

  • Direct access to your coach via in app messaging 

  • Program with videos and exercise prescriptions on the True Coach app

How does this work? 

Step 1: Evaluation

Performed through Zoom, we will do a full body assessment and establish your goals. We’ll examine your strength, range of motion, and how you move. We’ll also discuss any previous injuries, current pain or nagging injuries, and how to work around them.

Step 2: Prescription

Based on our findings, we’ll give you a custom-built program to fit your goals. The exercises will be uploaded in a free, convenient app called TrueCoach. You will have videos with sets and reps listed for you.

Step 3: Accountability

We’ll have weekly check-ins to discuss and modify the program as needed. We’ll also progress the program as tolerated.

The program is a monthly recurring fee of $249. No contracts; however, we recommend at least 3 months to get actual results.

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