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Part 4: Get to know OMPT better: Education & Tools for Life

Thank you to those who joined us for mobility and mindfulness this past Saturday morning. If you missed it, stay tuned, we plan to do more of these virtual restorative sessions in the future.


If you have been following along this month, we have been introducing the OMPT pillars. Our series began with an overview of our approach, followed by an explanation of manual therapy, and last week with the importance of strength training.

This week, we introduce our final two pillars: education and tools for life. These pillars are broader than manual therapy and strength training but just as fundamental to our approach to working with our clients. We aim to teach and partner with you to allow you to achieve your goals. As such, we use our sessions, weekly newsletter, social media presence, and our community outreach to provide you with a variety of tools for your life and your health.


Education: we believe knowledge is power, and education is a significant component of helping our clients reach their goals. We prioritize teaching our clients about their body, how it looks on the inside, how joints move, and how muscles work relative to surrounding structures. We find that having a comprehensive understanding of the body helps our clients grasp what is happening when they experience pain or discomfort and allows them to understand the process of rehab and recovery!

Education is woven into almost every aspect of collaboration with our clients, from how to move more efficiently, why loading is crucial for movement restoration, and what types of training are best for a particular event or goal. As you can see, we are information nerds, and it is our goal to share our knowledge with every person we are fortunate enough to work with.

Tools for life: the last pillar of OMPT is a compilation of manual therapy, strength training, and education; we hope that each of our clients gains the knowledge and the skillset to take their health and wellness into their own hands. We help our clients develop strategies to increase their resilience to take on any of life's challenges. We believe empowered, strong humans will thrive in whatever physical endeavor they hope to achieve, and we want to make sure our clients graduate with confidence in themselves and their bodies. Think of tools for life as the understanding of what your body needs. You will walk away from our time together with a toolbox of exercises/drills/routines to be able to live and feel your best.

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Be well, Nicole and the OMPT Team

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