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While our current clinic space at 1010 NW Harriman St has served our needs quite well since our opening in 2020, we have outgrown it! We will be moving to 345 SW Cyber Drive Ste 104 by March 1st. We are SUPER excited to be expanding the space we will have to serve YOUR needs. We will be increasing the tools and equipment we have to help you achieve your goals, though nothing regarding our model or philosophy will be changing. We will continue to provide safe, one-on-one care in private treatment rooms; cleaning and mask-wearing requirements will continue to be mandatory by all parties. Please note: February appointments will continue to be held at 1010 NW Harriman unless we communicate otherwise before your appointment. In addition to more space, we are gaining some awesome new neighbors, BOXiT Fitness and Strength Warehouse. Feel free to check them out! With this move, we will also be growing our team! We are looking for a part-time physical therapist and a part-time administrative assistant to join the OMPT family. If you or someone you know wants to be part of a team dedicated to improving our community's health and wellness, please have them send me an email! ( Stay tuned as we share more announcements as we make the transition to the next iteration of OMPT; your support means the world to us!

We are thrilled for you to join us for the next chapter, Nicole Todisco MacDonald

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