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Misty Mountains

1. Find the cause of the problem.

We want to know your story, find out what is going on, and learn about your unique needs and goals. Then we will take a deep look at how you move to find out precisely what underlying issues contribute to your symptoms. Next, we will utilize treatment techniques to decrease your symptoms and provide you with some exercises to continue to improve between visits.

Misty Mountains

2. Decrease pain and improve function.

Working with your individual needs and goals in mind, we will tailor your plan to get you out of pain while continuing to participate in meaningful activities. We pride ourselves on addressing pain while keeping you active and taking performance to the next level.

Misty Mountains

Once the underlying causes of symptoms have resolved, and symptoms have decreased. We will take treatment to the next level by improving the performance of your favorite activities. Lastly, we will work with you to develop strategies to prevent the same symptoms from returning; we will teach you how to maintain improvements for a lifelong healthy, and active lifestyle.

3. Develop resilience with self-care strategies to prevent the problem from returning.

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