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Packages & Membership

We will work with you directly after your first visit or phone consult to determine which option is best for your needs. However, we believe in freedom of choice for our clients to know their options, these include:

  • Free 15 min Phone Consult

    • Schedule a FREE 15-minute phone call with Dr. Todisco to discover how OMPT can meet your needs. 

  • Single Session PT Evaluation: Ready to get out of pain and gain not only strength but confidence? Schedule your first session! 

    • This session includes a fully body movement screen and a deep dive into the targeted area of pain/dysfunction as well as treatment including hands on work and exercise. 

  • PT Treatment Packages: Packages include an evaluation as well as follow up visits which include a combination of manual therapies and progression of exercises and drills based on your needs and goals. 

    • 6 Session Package

    • 10 Session Package​

  • Monthly PT Membership

    • This option is typically for folks who have accomplished a full recovery and are ready to limit treatment to regular check-in's.

  • Private Strength and Conditioning Training

  • Wellness Coaching

Rates: The rates for our visits and services vary, please call us for your FREE consultation and we can discuss which option may be best for you.

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