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Did you know that as a healthcare consumer you have the option of seeking direct care from a physical therapist? Often people reach out to their primary care physician to get the ball rolling. This can create an unnecessary delay in your treatment and can even cost you more money in the end. This week, we dive into the direct access model here at OMPT.



For our current clients at OMPT, you already know that we are not contracted with insurance companies. This may be news to those of you who may be considering us for your physical therapy needs and we want to make sure you know the main reasons we structured our business in this manner. Whether you are a current or prospective client take a look below at the main reasons we elect to provide services in this way. #1 We work for OUR CLIENTS not for insurance companies, and our goal is to put your needs and goals first. Insurance companies often try to dictate what type of care is given based on what we pay for. We use evidence based methods and work with your unique needs and individualized goals to determine your plan of care and interventions utilized. #2 We believe in full transparency with the cost associated in working with us. We will provide you clear communication as to the cost of care and set expectations regarding frequency and duration of appointments. If you are an active and healthy individual who rarely utilizes health insurance it is likely that you will pay full price for physical therapy even if the clinic is in network with your benefits, often we meet folks who are surprised by a hefty bill following seeing a PT a few times per week for many weeks. #3 We focus on prevention and lifelong wellness! Our approach is a hybrid of rehab and performance training; sadly, insurance companies do not reimburse for this type of proactive healthcare. We believe deeply in this model and have the data to show how beneficial it is for our clients to engage in a comprehensive program. When you work with us, we not only address the primary complaint, but we provide continuous education, strength and mobility programs, and personalized programs to help you reach your goals and get you back to the active lifestyle you deserve. When you work with us we have several options to meet your individual needs. We offer packages and memberships based on your unique situation and specific goals. We will work with you directly after your first visit or phone consult to determine which option is best for you. However, we believe in freedom of choice for our clients to know their options. These include the following

  • Free 15 min Phone Consult

    • Schedule a FREE 15-minute phone call with Dr. Todisco to discover how OMPT can meet your needs. ​

  • Single Session PT Evaluation Ready to get out of pain and gain not only strength but confidence? Schedule your first session!

    • This session includes a fully body movement screen and a deep dive into the targeted area of pain/dysfunction as well as treatment including hands on work and exercise.

  • PT Treatment Packages Packages include an evaluation as well as follow up visits which include a combination of manual therapies and progression of exercises and drills based on your needs and goals.

    • 6 Session Package

    • 10 Session Package​​

  • Monthly PT Membership

    • This option is typically for folks who have accomplished a full recovery and are ready to limit treatment to regular check-in's.​

  • Private Strength and Conditioning Training

  • Wellness Coaching


The rates for our visits and services vary, please call us for your FREE consultation and we can discuss which option may be best for you.

We pride ourselves in being able to offer one-on-one full-hour treatment sessions with a Doctor of Physical Therapy. We work with people of all ages and athletic abilities and specialize in outdoor recreation sports. We utlize diverse manual therapy techniques (soft tissue massage, joint mobilization/manipulation, myofascial release, cupping, insturment assisted soft tissue mobilization) and provide customized exercise prescriptions to get you out of pain or take your performance to the next level.

We would be honored to work with you! Reach out today with any questions.



Looking for adventure and community?

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Running Forward combo 5/10k Training Group (8 weeks)

  • Fall 2022 start date: Saturday September 10th, 2022. (Run Sessions will be on Wednesday/Saturday)

  • Details click here

  • Cost: $120

  • Prepares the participant for a 5k-10k distance event in early November 2022.

  • Click here to Register Trail Half Marathon Group (12 weeks)

  • Fall 2022 start date: Tuesday August 16th, 2022. (Run sessions will be on Tuesday/Saturday)

  • Details click here

  • Cost: $150

  • Prepares the participant for the Silver Falls or Run the Rock 1/2 marathon (or any early November 1/2 marathon).

  • Click here to RegisterClick here to Register



YOU ARE IN LUCK! When you are in pain it is important that you have the opportunity to take control of the situation and get the help you need. At OMPT, you can simply reach out for immediate and direct access. You don't need a referral from your doctor to get started today! We know how frustrating it can be to go through the process of visiting your physician only to get a referral to either a specialist or to be ordered an MRI in order to be seen by a physical therapist. Those intermediary steps add up to more time and often more money. To see us, you only need to give us a call, send us a message, or schedule online. We are highly skilled and are able to assess your situation. When we feel that you need more specialized attention or treatment we will always work with you to get your the help you need.

Be well,

Nicole and the OMPT team Want workouts specific to your activity? Reach out for a customized plan.

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