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The mountains are calling...but FIRST


Let's set the stage! The weather is beautiful, you have a new pair of sweet hiking kicks, and you've been promised a frosty beverage at the conclusion of the journey. Of course you are going to go! The hike is glorious and filled with plenty of #gramworthy pics! You sat by the river, you saw some wildlife, and you went even longer than you planned! You and your friends have the frosty beverage and talk about the memories you made. The day was perfect! Fast forward to the next morning and you may be able to relate to the picture above. Here at OMPT we want to help you to avoid that feeling, so this week we focus on how to properly prepare for the adventures ahead.



Hiking is a fabulous activity that not only provides cardiovascular benefits, but also works your major muscle groups. Unlike simply walking, hiking tends to incorporate going both up and downhill, as well as navigating uneven surfaces. All of those activities require your body to engage various muscle groups as well as utilize stabilizers. Trekking uphill engages your calves, knees, hamstrings, quadriceps, and glutes. Going downhill requires the additional use of your hips, ankles, and feet. These movements, both big and small, are different than what we typically do on a day-to-day basis. Which is why it is not only beneficial, but also highly important to prepare yourself for the climb.

To paraphrase Andy Rooney, the climb is where your growth takes place. For our purposes, we are going to include your warm-up, workout, hike, and cool down as elements of the climb. We want you to live on top of the mountain (not just once, but consistently), but we have to acknowledge that in order to get there our body has to be prepared. We all know that competitive athletes (youth through elite) spend time warming up. However, as active adults and weekend warriors, we think we can roll out of bed in the morning, swig some coffee and water, and hit the trails for an epic hike. Sound familiar? I know, us too!

The goal is to stay healthy and keep you out there on the trails! Aside from doing the workout we have provided below, here a 4 quick tips to keep in mind!

1. WARM-UP: always take time to get your body ready for movement

2. PROPER FOOTWEAR: at a minimum, make sure your shoes provide the traction necessary to navigate the terrain. Everybody has different needs when it comes to a shoe, so we recommend visiting a trusted shoe store near you to learn more about your options

3. CONSIDER HIKING POLES: these are not necessary, but they can help with balance and stabilization

4. STAY HYDRATED: make sure you bring an adequate amount of water with you and drink regularly (pro tip: hydration helps to keep your joints well lubricated)

5. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY: if you start to feel pain in a particular area of your body, we don't recommend pushing through that pain. Ignoring the pain can lead to injury, even when you think it's not that big of a deal



Click HEREto view the workout in action and learn more!



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Simply focus on the short and sweet workout above to hike healthy and happy! We wish you a tree-mendous hike! Happy trails to you 🥾🌲🥾🌲🥾,

Nicole and the OMPT team Want workouts specific to your activity? Reach out for a customized plan. Is there a particular sport or activity you'd like us to highlight? If so, please click here to give us your ideas!

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