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Take me to the river!

Excited about summer???

Here at OMPT we sure are! The summer season brings with it a whole new set of fun activities. Participating in new activities or performing movements we haven't done in a while can sometimes cause us to experience sore muscles or develop acute injuries. At times, these activities can also draw attention to imbalances in our bodies that impact our ability to properly or efficiently perform movements. We want you to enjoy all the fun you have planned for the summer, so we are giving you tips, free weekly workouts related to summer activities, and information on how you can work with us to benefit your body.



When we think about all of the summer activities we are excited about, we don't necessarily think about the beneficial aspects of preparation and practice. And, who can blame us? We just want to get out there and have fun! Yet, without practice and preparation, we may not enjoy our activity to the fullest. Any repetitive movement pattern we plan to perform requires us to spend time reminding our body what we need from it. The good news is...this preparation does not have to be long or arduous. It simply needs to be targeted and purposeful. This week, we are focusing on training for kayaking. If you follow us on Instagram, we took a poll on which activity you wanted us to highlight for our workout of the week. Kayaking came out on top, with Pickleball as a very close second. So, if kayaking is not your thing, stay tuned for a dedicated Pickleball workout next week! Kayaking works a myriad of muscles in your body. In fact, kayaking is a fantastic way to develop arm, shoulder, back, and core muscles because of the repetitive motion paddling requires. As such, it is crucial to warm up these muscle groups prior to getting out on the water. And if you can find the time, it is quite beneficial to consistently work on mobility and strengthening to help you perform safely and efficiently. We offer you this advice because we want to make sure that you remain healthy, strong, and able to enjoy all summer has to offer. At OMPT, we often see clients during the summer who have unfortunately been sidelined due to an acute injury or an overuse injury. This typically occurs as a result of performing a new activity or an activity that hasn't been done recently. And, not to worry, if that happens to you, we are here to help get you back to the things you enjoy! But, we want to empower you to proactively take your health into your own hands so you won't need to come see us. Taking good care of your body, practicing movement patterns, strengthening muscle groups, and preparing your body for activities will greatly decrease your chance of injury. Take a look at the WOW (workout of the week) below for a simple pre-kayaking workout. Use the workout to prepare for your adventure on any day whether you are taking your kayak out or not. And, take advantage of the warm-up exercises right before launching your boat and don't forget to include those cool-down exercises after getting out of the boat.



Click HERE to view the workout in action and learn more!



Looking for adventure and community?

Check out these trusted resources and friends!

Bend Pride 5k – June 25th

From OUT Central Oregon: "OUT Central Oregon is thrilled to continue on 2019’s inaugural Bend Pride 5K Fun on Saturday June 25, 2022 in Drake Park. We are excited to have you join us for this fun 5K that celebrates inclusivity and pride in our diverse community.The out-and-back course runs along the beautiful Deschutes River and through the Old Mill District."

End Time: 11:00am PDT Price: $20.00 Race Fee + $2.16 SignUp Fee Registration: Registration ends June 24, 2022 at 1:00pm PDT Register HERE


We hope this information and the WOW is helpful! If you enjoyed it and are looking for more, reach out today to learn how we can support you! We love to help our clients by building personalized programs to fit your active adventures! Is there a particular sport or activity you'd like us to highlight? If so, please click here to give us your ideas!

Paddle on,

Nicole and the OMPT team

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