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Movement And Mindfulness: A Better Morning Routine

How do you start your mornings? Is it with a cup of coffee first thing, a cold shower, a walk with your dog? Or is it checking the news, scrolling social media, or instantly checking email?

It is easy to start each day by jumping into your to-do list without taking a moment for yourself. I know I can be guilty of this. Often when I fail to prioritize time for myself in the morning, I end up never getting around to that moment as the busyness of the day ramps up.

Prioritizing self-care in the morning ensures that we have time reserved for ourselves and honor our needs before getting wrapped up in the day's must-dos.

What does a mindful and movement-filled morning look like?

A coach of mine (yes, even coaches need coaches) recommended starting each morning with S.A.V.E.R.S. Whether you have 6 minutes or 60 minutes, spending just a minute or more on the following areas will help you start your day off with time focused on YOU!


  • S-Silence

    • Take a moment in the morning for quiet mindfulness or meditation. Meditation helps us decrease stress and any anxiety we may be feeling about the tasks ahead in our day.

  • A-Affirmation

    • Give yourself some praise for showing up to do reflection. Take a moment to be your own cheerleader and share positive energy with yourself.

  • V-Visualization

    • Visualize something you are working toward; this can be work-related, recreation-related, or any goal you seek to accomplish. Remind yourself of where you want to go and visualize what that looks like.

  • E-Exercise

    • Prioritize some form of movement first thing; this can be a brief stretch, a walk with your dog, a yoga flow, a few PT exercises (wink, wink), a strength training session, or a fitness class.

  • R- Read

    • Find a few moments in the morning to read; it can be a quote, a few pages in a book, even a newspaper (although this may add stress!).

  • S-Scribe

    • Journaling is a helpful way to get thoughts out of our brains and onto paper so we can create space in our minds. I prefer old-fashioned pen to paper, and it can be anything as simple as a word or phrase of the day. Or as lengthy as a "Brain Dump," where you get as many thoughts and ideas out of your brain as possible. It's nice to have a hard copy of your ideas to look back through over time.

If you have questions about integrating any of these areas into your life, reach out! We are here to help.

Move mindfully in the morning,


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