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Better Desk Posture.

Desk Posture:

While standing is the optimal desk posture for many health-related reasons, many of us are still stuck with a traditional seated desk. There are a few tips to optimizing our seated desk posture:

  • feet on the floor, if your chair is too big or too tall, use yoga blocks or books to help you achieve solid foot to ground contact

  • knees at 90 degrees of bending and should be level to or slightly lower than hips

  • pelvis in neutral

  • spine in neutral and sit tall, we have a normal lumbar lordosis (low back curve) using a small towel roll can help facilitate this, or you can sit at the edge of your seat

  • elbows bent at 90 degrees

  • wrists in neutral

  • monitor elevated to the level of your eyes for neutral neck/cervical spine

Making quick fixes and simple changes to your workstation can significantly improve posture and decrease aches and pains. I utilize the portable tabletop computer stand from ErgoTree (made here in BEND!) and stock them in the clinic if you need help with your workstation.

I recommend taking standing/stretching breaks every 30 minutes, even if it's as fast as standing up and sitting back down. Any minor movements help lubricate our joints, and motion is genuinely lotion in keeping our joints well oiled and moving.

If you have questions about your workstation set-up, reach out, we are here to help.

Remember move often and move well,


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