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Manual TherapY: what’s its role in physical therapy, performance, and recovery?

Manual therapy is considered a “passive” treatment in clinical practice. We feel it is crucial to emphasize the importance of “active” treatments to facilitate long-term pain relief and improved movement patterns.

However, when utilized effectively manual therapy can be used to address many facets of the therapy process:


  • decreasing pain in the target area

  • improving circulation in the target area

  • improving ROM and mobility of a target area

  • changing the brains awareness of the target area/priming the central nervous system

All of these factors provide an opportunistic window to follow manual therapy treatment with active interventions. These active interventions should be the focus to maintaining the short-term changes from manual therapy.

Questions about how manual therapy can be integrated into your regime? Or questions about what activities should follow manual therapy? Send us an Email or schedule an intro call!

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