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Cupping/ Myofasical Decompression: 

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What is it?

Cupping, also know as myofascial decompression, is a treatment technique where cups are placed on the skin with negative pressure to decompress/lift the tissue.


As seen in the photo, we use traditional passive/static cup placement. We then make this passive treatment more active by having clients move with the cups (think cat/cow), making it a more effective treatment approach to correct movement inefficiency.


Another approach is to utilize silicone cups and glide them along tissue fibers to have more dynamic decompression over a more extensive treatment area (myofascial decompression). 

After this manual/tissue work is finished, we always follow up with more active mobility and stability drills to reinforce the new range of motion and movement patterns.


Why do we use it?​
  1. Desensitize a painful area, change how the brain is perceiving this area.

  2. Increase blood flow to the area to change the tissue environment.

  3. Change how the tissues in the area are sliding and gliding relative to one another.

  4. Use reasons 1-3 to create an opportunity to improve movement patterning and quality.

When is it used?

The key here is that this cupping is only a small part of the overall treatment. Cupping is a passive treatment that can be dynamic. It feels good and helps us create a window of improved tissue mobility and decreased pain. These treatments must be followed with a loading or mobility exercise to improve movement patterns and movement quality to drive lasting change.


Questions? Interested in learning more?

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